Sensor and actuator electronics

Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

In Life Sciences, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) is becoming a standard characterization method. In wide-field FLIM, the acquisition of ns-order lifetimes is commonly done with fragile and expensive gated sensors. In the frame of this project, we are developing a novel type of Image Sensor, which do not rely on light signal gating. Sensitivity, speed and accuracy are achieved through application-specific pixel design and sensor architecture.

Hall cell based current sensing

Microsystem with continuous background offset and sensitivity calibration. A sensitivity drift lower than 50ppm/deg is achieved.

Laser based projection Mems

Projection system head is 3cm3 and is able to project static images and videos with projection size of 50cm diagonal at 50cm distance with 32×32 px resolution.

SOI MOSFET photodetector

The goal of this research is to study and highlight the performance of partially depleted SOI MOSFETs so that an SOI photodetector has at least the same performances as the ones of a bulk CMOS photodetector.