MS Thesis Projects

Project List

Smart Battery Management System For Large Energy Pack 1 VMS ASIC Design

(2-3 students)

Design and implementation of a modular voltage monitoring system (VMS) for Lithium-based or Nickel-based batteries. The VMS architecture should allow stacking an arbitrary number of cells (up to 100 or more) and provide the necessary information for monitoring, evaluation and protection of each cell in the energy pack, with emphasis on versatility, reliability and cost.

Typical functional blocks to be designed:

  • 12-bit ADC with multiplexed inputs
  • temperature sensor
  • single-wire digital data transmission interface
  • accurate current-to-voltage converter


Smart Battery Management System For Large Energy Pack 2 Charge Monitoring & Control Unit

(1-2 students)

At the low end of the battery stack, a micro-controlled central unit will provide data collection and management, as well as charge/discharge control. Specific tasks of this project closely related to the VMS ASIC design:

  • design of voltage/current reference compatible with the above VMS ASIC
  • digital interface design to communicate with above VMS ASIC
  • implementation of algorithm(s) for standard charge (power from grid) and for uneven charge (e.g. power from regenerative breaking in the case of electric vehicles)
  • monitoring/control of charge balancing between battery cells
  • implementation of a “fuel gauge”


Smart Battery Management System For Large Energy Pack 3 Controllable Power Converter for Battery Charging

(1-2 students)

Design of a simple and cost-effective current/voltage supply for the charging of small battery packs (typical application: electric bicycle). To be coupled with the charge monitoring & control unit designed above. The emphasis will be put on fast charging capability (high output current) while maintaining high efficiency.


 eSmart projects set 

 The eLAB is working on a new home automation system that uses power line communication. It is composed of smart plugs containing a new dedicated electronic. Each plug is able to measure and act on the power delivered to the electrical appliance. This system is able to manage with the so called “smart-grid” concept.
1- Analyzer for communication
This project focuses on the development of a portable power line network analyzer. It should be able to measure and inject signal on the frequency range used for communication (about 110kHz). The result and analysis should be displayed on a graphical touch-screen. Finally, the measurement should be exported in a computer through a USB cable or a SD card.
2-Embedded Wifi Web Serve
In this project, the development of an embedded web server will be done. It allow the house owner to configure and manage his household by interfacing the home automation system through an Iphone. This development is based on a microchip WiFi module (MRF24WB0MA). Connected to the smart-plug developed in the precedent project this module will present the information and allow the user to configure and manage his household.


Integrated Driver for a Brushless MEMS Micro-Motor

In this project a low-power and high efficiency motor driver should be designed in a 0.18um CMOS technology. An external quartz should be used for clock frequency precision. Based on that clock, high precision PWM should be output to drive the motor. Enhanced movement should be addressed in order to have position/speed regulation functionalities. The supply voltage will be around 1V. The motor phase current and voltage are 65uA/1.5mV, the nominal speed is 300RPM.


Design of Analog Front-end for Bio-sensor Readout Circuit

(1-2 Students)

The goal of this project is development of analog front end for a miniaturized biochemical sensor. In these sensor readout circuits, a small change in conductance or capacitance should be measured. Typically a low noise amplifier, a low-pass or band-pass filter, and an ADC are used to send data to digital part for further processing, storage and transmission. As the sensor signals are in the order of microvolts, so low-noise high-gain amplification is required before filtering and sending to ADC. In this project, analog front end circuits for conductance/capacitance measurements will be designed with the complete layout as the final result.


Design of a Voltage Multiplier Using Switched Capacitor Circuit

The goal of this project is the development of a voltage multiplier to be used as part of a switched capacitor step-up DC-DC converter. This circuit should be able to boost very low input voltage to be used for charging a battery. The circuit will be designed with the complete layout as the final result, considering the tradeoffs between efficiency, area and power consumption.


Dedicated Peripheral Computing System for Smart Grid Application

Il est demandé de développer un système de calcul dédié afin d’accélérer les simulateurs numérique utilisé actuellement. Un système ayant interface USB2.0 ainsi qu’un calculateur performant (FPGA + Mémoire) est à réaliser. Des convertisseurs A/D et D/A seront aussi inclus au système afin de permettre l’émulation analogique de certaines fonctions (composant de puissance typiquement).


IPhone/IPad Application Development Implementing the EKV Design Methodology

(several students)

The development of an IPhone/IPad application implementing the EKV design methodology should be done. The application should implement a convivial user interface and implement some known algorithm in order to compute the characteristics of a transistor (Inversion Factor, gm, gds, …). This application will be used by students and novel microelectronic designer to have a feeling with a CMOS transistor behavior.


Project Topics Legend

circuit theory computer programming electronics energy management home automation

Circuit Theory


Computer Programming




Energy Management


Home Automation


IC design industrial partnership instrumentation leisure sensors & actuators

IC Design


Industrial Partnership






Sensors & Actuators